Meet Aaron

An Arkansas native, Aaron appreciates all things adventure and outdoors. After graduating from the University of Central Arkansas, he was quickly recruited for a marketing position with the local Chamber of Commerce. In this capacity, he discovered both a passion for building relationships with the residents of his town and excitement in playing a part in the growth and prosperity of his community. He later relocated to Dallas, attracted to the larger city and the broad scope of opportunities (and direct flights to more adventurous terrain) that it presented.

For three years, he worked in Special Events sales. While he delighted in making clients’ party dreams come true on the Dallas Cowboys turf and House of Blues concert hall, he couldn’t quite shake his entrepreneurial spirit. So he combined his enthusiasm for realizing others’ dreams and his talent for building community rapport and began a career in real estate. When he isn’t working, you can find him kayaking or hiking around Dallas with his wife and two dogs.